LAST STOCK The Mermaid Set - 30ml

LAST STOCK The Mermaid Set - 30ml

Celebrating everything Mermaid with these beautifully coloured & naturally flavoured Sparkle Drops.

Great in Prosecco, Gin, Vodka, Cocktails and soft drinks, each 10ml bottle is very concentrated & will make 6-8 125ml glasses Sparkle! 

Simply add 2-3 pipette-fulls to your glass and top up with something bubbly for a shimmery aromatic treat. Deliciously Fruity and beautifully shimmery, they make a great gift.

The Mermaid Shimmer Set features


Ocean Berry

& Blackcurrant

flavoured Sparkle Drops. 

Perfect for Mermaid lovers, as a gift or for get togethers when you all deserve a treat! 


If you love our Exclusive Mermaid Tail Heat Changing Glitter Glass you can order them here:

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