OLD  BRAND Deluxe Unicorn Collection x 2

OLD BRAND Deluxe Unicorn Collection x 2

Bring an extra Unicorn coloured Sparkle to your celebration with fruit flavoured Shimmer drops for your drinks. Great in Prosecco, Gin, Vodka, Cocktails and soft drinks, each 10ml bottle is very concentrated & will make 6-8 x 125ml glasses Sparkle! Simply add a couple of pipette-fulls to your glass and top up with something bubbly for a shimmery aromatic treat. Deliciously Fruity and beautifully shimmery, they make a great gift. The Unicorn Collection Shimmer Set features Golden Passionfruit, Blue Raspberry & Pink Cherry flavoured Sparkle Drops PLUS Edible Gold Heart Drinks confetti! Simply sprinkle on top of your drink before serving and it will gently disperse & sparkle befre your eyes.

Perfect for Unicorn lovers, as a gift or for get togethers when you all deserve a treat! 

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