All our Sparkle Drops are made with fantastic quality Natural flavourings. They are highly concentrated so you only need a couple of squeezes to transform your drinks!


Rose Gold Rhubarb - evocative of Rhubarb and custard sweets
Violet - anyone remember Parma Violet sweets?!
Green Watermelon - Fresh and aromatic
Blush Pear - Pear Drops!!
Rose Gold Caramel - Sweet
Berry Bliss - Full fruityness

Purple Blackcurrant - Rich!
Pink Cherry - Like Cherry Drops
Golden Passionfruit - Tropical
Golden Pineapple - Tropical

Sunset Strawberry - Old favourite
Blush Peach - Belini anyone?
Blue Raspberry - Eye catching!
Orange Mango - Fruity
Green Lime - versatile!
Silver Elderflower - aromatic and decadent

White Coconut - Caribbean!

Blue Grape - American sweets

Rose Gold UNFLAVOURED - Great for adding colour & shimmer but no taste


Festive Flavours!!

Iced Raspberry - our delicious Raspberry in an icy silver

Amaretto - rich almond flavours

Cranberry - fruity

Warm Orange - lightly spiced with ginger

Spiced Apple - hints of cinnamon

Candy Floss - fun of the fair!

Coppery Ginger - fiery!

Winter Berry - rich forest fruits with a Christmassy aroma

Turkish Delight - hints of strawberry & rose

Green Mint - fresh





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